Influencing Collaboration – For Leaders

Designed for leaders at all levels to enhance their skills. Become a more proactive leader in reactive environments. Improve communication skills in delivering feedback to direct reports and peers. Learn a collaboration process that integrates the needs and interests of all parties with the outcome of strengthening overall working relationships within your organization. Your leaders will also learn how to effectively delegate, manage their priorities, and practice their listening efforts to engage in a more collaborative experience with their organizational partners.

Sales Management

A customized workshop focused on sales leadership and competencies combined with the power of introspection, best practices, and a comprehensive resource toolkit. Managers will learn how to identify personal improvement opportunities with the evolving sales management role, how to become more proactive in a reactive environment, and manage and coach to optimum sales metrics once established.

Presentation Skills

Develop and deliver dynamic presentations by enhancing your overall presence, communication style, and public speaking skills. You and your team will utilize this workshop to hone your skills to deliver engaging and effective presentations in any venue including standing presentations, high-profile seated meetings, and virtual settings.

Audacity to Communicate

Interactive and introspective workshop designed to assist in identifying opportunities hindering effective communication. Participants will learn and practice a process to initiate a compelling and meaningful dialogue by fully engaging the other party to create a more collaborative experience. They will also learn the elements of passive, aggressive, and assertive while engaging in assertive practices to gain more confidence in the way they respectfully communicate to their peers and direct reports.

SLII® – A Situational Approach to Leadership

SLII® is the world’s most taught leadership model–because it works! The foundation of SLII lies in teaching leaders to diagnose the needs of an individual or a team and then use the appropriate leadership style to respond to the needs of the person, team, and the situation. SLII allows for leaders to partner with their direct reports so they can offer the appropriate development based on where the person is for a specific goal or task.

CliftonStrengths Assessment

Formally StrengthsFinder, CliftonStrengths is a strengths-based approach essential for creating an exceptional workplace culture. People are more successful when they discover and build on their strengths rather than focusing on their weaknesses. This mindset helps to boost both individual and team performance. Gallup research finds that those individuals who use their CliftonStrengths are more engaged and productive at work and three times more likely to enjoy an excellent quality of life.

“Alone we can do so little; together, we can do so much.”

Helen Keller

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