Combining the power of introspection, knowledge, skills and an application driven methodology, our high energy experiential sessions provide proven and practical solutions that will maximize your business performance.

Sales Training

A two-day workshop. Advanced sales professionals will have the opportunity to understand both the “Buyer Decision Science” and the internal questions that customers commonly ask themselves to help them make what they believe is the best possible decision.

Program Benefits:

  • Scalable sales strategy and techniques
  • Customer-centric language and model
  • Quicker prospect acceptance and decisions
  • Greater competitive differentiation
  • Effective objection handling and objection prevention
  • More significant partnering relationships
A two-day workshop. Entry-mid level sales professionals learn how to accelerate to the close by gaining a better understanding of where they are in their sales process and how building trust throughout the sales process gets them closer to the close a lot faster. Sales teams also learn how to better manage their pipeline and how to experience growth by filling the pipeline with qualified opportunities.
It could take three to six months for any sales professional to become acclimated to their new environment. An onboarding program is a critical aspect to a new sales employee’s success. Offering sales professionals a consistent message upon hiring offers your customer the best service and you create an environment of alignment. We help you make adjustments to your current onboarding program and we also help companies develop a consistent program that helps sales professionals accelerate their productivity within the three to six-month timeframe. We follow the following three level skill acceleration methodologies for your new hire:

  1. Sales Competency – Sales Skills
    • 2-Day Sales Training (Sales Process & Pipeline Management)
    • 25 – 50 question Sales Skill Assessment that correlates with the 2-Day Sales Training
    • Skill Practice Activities
  2. Sales Mastery – Situational Assessment
    • 8 Situational “real world” scenarios to include problem-solving questions
    • Skill Practice Sales Elements
  3. Sales Excellence – Application & Impact
    • Demonstrating the solution – Skill Practice Activity & Skill Assessment
    • Demonstrating learned sales techniques on actual calls
      • For inside or outside sales

Leadership Development Training

A three-day workshop specific to sales. Leaders will learn how to:

  • Create a stronger sense of personal leadership responsibility
  • Install a scalable and consistent performance management and coaching methodology
  • Improve management planning and action mapping
  • Reenergize and motivate senior employees
  • Improve communication and employee feedback
  • Create a consistent one-on-one pipeline & performance meeting

A three-day workshop.  Leaders will learn how to:

  • Create better relationships and outcomes with virtual employees
  • Become a proactive leader in reactive environments
  • Source and select higher quality candidates
  • Improve communication and employee feedback
  • Increase individual and team productivity

A two-day workshop. Leaders will learn how to:

  • Communicate more effectively through a conflict resolution process
  • Manage priorities by understanding the value of the priority
  • Delegate effectively to develop staff
  • Improve communication skills based on personality types

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