Combining the power of introspection, knowledge, skills and an application driven methodology, our high energy experiential sessions provide proven and practical solutions that will maximize your business performance.

Leadership Development

Due to the rapid change and ongoing industry consolidations and transformation, progressive organizations are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of effective leadership at every level of management. This management training program contains the principles and strategies for maximizing leadership effectiveness and accelerating career growth.

Cooperation Selling

Teaches sales professionals to understand both the ‘Buyer Decision Science’ and the internal questions that customers commonly ask themselves to help them make what they believe is the best possible decision.

Managing the Sales Process

Buyers make specific decisions before making the final decision to buy, and sellers go through a sales process to ensure they are aligned with the buyer’s journey. How do we know where the buyer is in their journey and how does that match up with the sales process? In this workshop, sales teams learn how to accelerate to the close by gaining a better understanding of where they are in their sales process and how building trust throughout the sales process gets them closer to the close a lot faster. Sales teams also learn how to better manage their pipeline and how to experience growth by filling the pipeline with qualified opportunities. RepeatIT Excellence will also help your team with selecting and developing a process to better utilize your Customer Relationship Management tool (CRM) so your team can better manage their pipeline and you can easily recognize the gaps in meeting your goals.

Customized Development Opportunities

Each company has different needs. Your company might be in need of a sales training specific to closing or asking the right questions, a negotiation workshop that will help them to effectively close more deals, or an objection-handling workshop to better prepare for customer objections. Whatever your need, RepeatIT Excellence will work with your key stakeholders to create a training and development program that helps to close the gap as well as offer you a reinforcement program that will help with sustaining what was learned.


It could take three to six months for any new professional to become acclimated to their new environment. An onboarding program is a critical aspect to a new employee’s success. Offering professionals a consistent message upon hiring, offers your customer the best service and you create an environment of alignment. We help you make adjustments to your current onboarding program and we also help companies develop a consistent program that helps professionals accelerate their productivity within the three to six month timeframe. We offer onboarding programs specific to sales that include the introduction of a sales process.


Change is hard. Research shows that about 40% of the time, our brains are on auto-pilot. That means it is difficult to think about changing and even harder to actually initiate the act of changing. Our reinforcement program, Excelerate360, offers specific activities and learning opportunities, based on your organization, that will help leaders better manage their teams so they may excel in reaching their specified and desired goals. We believe development plus reinforcement of concepts helps your team accelerate their growth, which leads to a stronger, more confident, and more productive team.

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